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Check for Date in Filename in tFileList

Hi , Need some help in talend job. I am using tFileList to process list of files with same structure. i am loading data to table. Need to know how to process these file based on date. I will pass date value as parameter at run time. so if date is satisfied then process else no need to process Example : (4 different files with different 2 dates) C:\Users\stango\source\SrcFolder 20180313file1.txt 20180313file2.txt 20180313file3.txt 20180313file4.txt 20180310file1.txt 20180310file2.txt 20180310file3.txt 20180310file4.txt Please help me how to do this in talend? Thanks

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Re: Check for Date in Filename in tFileList

Try using the tFileProperties component. The instructions are here:
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Re: Check for Date in Filename in tFileList

use tFileExit and if exist, complete your job else terminate. Identify correct Regular expression  and pass it in file path. Your flow should like below


tFileExist -----> Run If (((Boolean)globalMap.get("tFileExist_1_EXISTS")))  ---- > Rest of the Job


    | Run If !(((Boolean)globalMap.get("tFileExist_1_EXISTS"))) 


tJavaRow (File does not exist)



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