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** Changes to built-in mode when I open the project. Why?

I have a job with several tSalesforceInput connectors. When I open the job, I get a dialog:
Update Detection. The properties used in the following items have been modified. Choose and update what you have checked.
It is trying to change some of the tSalesforceInput connectors "Property Type" from Repository to Built-In. Why is it doing this? I don't want them to be set to build-in mode, I want them to be what I set them as. The last time I ran into something like this it turned out to be a bug that was corrected in later version. How do I tell if this is a Talend bug, or if there is a valid reason it is doing this?
Also, when I run the job the same dialog appears, wanting to change these from Repository to Built-In. I'm sure there is a reason, but why?
TOS 5.3.1.r104014

Re: ** Changes to built-in mode when I open the project. Why?

Did you update DB connection or schema setting? If so, the Update Detection Dialog will pop up to adapt these update.
Did you check out the "Property" in Update Detection Dialog? For standard properties, uncheck = change to built-in.
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