Change the Schema of the DB2 Output

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Change the Schema of the DB2 Output

Dear all,


in my talend job i created a context containing the connection to a DB2 database, creating all the Schema that the Job needed. The problem is that if I open a single connection to the DB I can only indicate a Schema, so if the DB in which I want to write has a different schema, it gives me an error.


Is there a way to change the Schema of the output DB without having to create two connections to the same database?


or a stage for the command DB2?






Re: Change the Schema of the DB2 Output


You can use centralized DB2 metadata in your job and retrieve a schema based on one of the loaded table schemas, select the database table schema name in the drop-down list and click Retrieve schema.

With you context connection requirement, you can export the connection details to a new context group in the Repository for reuse in other connections or across different Jobs, or reuse variables of an existing context group to set up your metadata connection. 

For more information, please have a look at this online documents about:TalendHelpCenter:Centralizing database metadata and TalendHelpCenter:Exporting metadata as context and reusing context parameters to set up a connection

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