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Change DB Component from PostGreSQL to Aurora


I have a bundle of Talend jobs which use PostGreSQL on AWS RDS as the backend (source / target). There's a quest to move the DB from PostGreSQL to Aurora on AWS.


The straight forward way is to open each job & replace the component. But it would be great if anyone can share an easier way out. 

  • Can there be any changes at the metadata level without opening all the jobs?
  • Are there any other easy ways to make this change in about 100 jobs?

Please let me know.





P.S: Not sure which Community topic this should have been under, so have it duplicated in How-Tos and Best Practices forum too.

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Re: Change DB Component from PostGreSQL to Aurora

Officially the only way is to modify the jobs one by one from the Studio.
However, you can try at your own risk to modify the .item files (an XML representation of the jobs) placed in the project workspace.
Be sure to have a backup first or you risk to definitively corrupt the jobs.

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Re: Change DB Component from PostGreSQL to Aurora

Thank you! So I thought too.

I'll try changing the .itm file for a couple of jobs & let you know how
it goes.