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Catch tDie before java exception in tLogCatcher

Hello !

I have a question about using the tLogCatcher component.

Today if I check "Get Java Exceptions" and "Get tDie" in the tLogCatcher component, I get the impression that java exceptions always have priority when an error occurs, even if there is a link "OncomponentError" on the component that is in error.


So, my question is: Is there a way to retrieve these 2 informations at the same time or if we can get the tDie before the java exception?


Thank's !


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Re: Catch tDie before java exception in tLogCatcher

Hi param75

It is normal, because the Java exception occurs before tDie which is linked with 'onComponentError' or 'OnsubjobError', tLogCatcher captures the error immediately once an error is thrown.




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