Cannot use | (pipe) as a separator in Dataprep


The | (pipe) separator does not work in Dataprep. Dataprep does not recognize | as a separator. It loads the whole record in one field. Trying to manually set the separator does not work either.



Version 1.2



When loading a data file, DataPrep does not detect the '|' as a data separator in a text file with the text fields enclosed with " (quotation marks).


Even after trying to manually set the separator using the Edit dataset parameters button and specifying '|' (tried with double quotes, single quotes, on its own and escaped, and combinations of these) it will still load the entire row as a single field. Changing the character set has no effect.


A row like this:

is loaded into a single column as:




Changing the separator to a "," (comma) loads the data correctly.

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try to use "\\|" instead of "|". let me know if it works