Cannot set tKafkacreatetopic retention time to a context variable

Talend Version       6.4.1


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Product Big Data
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Problem Description With the tKafkaCreateTopic component, the set topic retention time (ms) field allows you to provide a retention time value.


If a context variable is provided for the retention time value, at code generation, the string name of the context variable will be used instead of its value. For instance, if the context variable named context.retention is provided, the generated code is:

tKafkaCreateTopic_1_topicProperties.put("", "context.retention");

but it should be:

tKafkaCreateTopic_1_topicProperties.put("", context.retention);

As a result, an error is thrown when executing the Job.

Problem root cause This code generation issue is due to Jira TBD-5803.
Solution or Workaround

The problem is fixed with Talend 6.4.2, 6.5.1.

If this problem occurs against Talend version 6.4.1, please contact Talend Support.

JIRA ticket number TBD-5803
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