Cannot determine next state - tExtractJsonFields

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Cannot determine next state - tExtractJsonFields

I have created a simple tBigData that connects to Mongo, Reads a Collection, extracts the JSON and logs the data.


I am attempting to iterate through each document and I am hitting my reject path for each row rather than my Main with the error "Cannot determine next state "



tExtractJsonFields is configured like so, it's unclear where the error is.







Re: Cannot determine next state - tExtractJsonFields


It looks like loops and Xpath query errors.

Sometimes depending on the structure of the file that is you are using the built in option with Xpath that sometimes you may run into the "Cannot Determine Next State" error message when the job is done running.

Could you please use the JSON path and add a JSON sample file to the metadata of the Talend Studio and use the mapper to complete the structure through the graphical interface and then simple drag the structure from the Metadata JSON file area on the left hand panel to the design palette to see if it works?

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