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Cannot connect to access DB - NullPointerException


I'm trying to move data from an Access database to a Microsoft SQL server database. I created my connection to the Access database. When I verify the connection, it tells me it works fine. But when I'm running my Job, I'm getting the following error:

Exception in component tAccessInput_1 (myDB)
	at java.util.Hashtable.put(Unknown Source)
	at cftmc.myJob_0_1.myDB.tAccessInput_1Process(
	at cftmc.myJob_0_1.myDB.runJobInTOS(
	at cftmc.myJob_0_1.myDB.main(

Any help?


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Re: Cannot connect to access DB - NullPointerException


Did you use tAccessConnection component in your work flow? Is there any connector(onsubjobOK or oncomponentOk) between tAccessConnection and your tAccessInput component?

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Re: Cannot connect to access DB - NullPointerException

A null pointer means that the compiler is trying to reference an object that hasn't been instantiated yet. The stack trace you posted tells you that the error is at line 1168 of your Java code: try opening the Code editor and see what objects are referred to in that area. Also, look for any errors earlier in the code that may cause an initialization failure (all errors will be marked with a red block on the right-hand side of the editor).

Good luck!