Cannot change schema anymore

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Cannot change schema anymore

I am currently using:
Talend v5.2.2
Mac OS X 10.8.2
I have been running into a lot of weird issues with running talend on my mac. The latest one being that I am unable to change any of my built in schemas. Before on my Windows machine, I did not have an issue with changing any of the built in schemas.
I have created a work around where I have to create a schema in the repository, but I am curious as to why I am no longer able to modify built-in schemas.


Re: Cannot change schema anymore

Hi Brian,
Due to your screenshot is too small to see it clearly, would you mind uploading your screenshot by "Image upload" with limitation(20 images per post, each image must be less then 1024x768 pixels and 200 KB), so that we can address your issue asap.
Best regards
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