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Can tJavaFlex output new rows?

I searched all over the forum, and got close, but was unable to find an answer to this:
Can tJavaFlex component output more rows than are available on input? I need to use a lookup service (Twitter, actually) which can take 100 comma-delimited screen names to lookup, and then spit em out one by one with the results.
So coming into tJavaFlex would be 3 rows, each containing 100 comma-delimited values, and out the other end would come 300 rows.
Is this feasible? I am getting rows out, but not as many as I expected. So just checking if it's valid to use tJavaFlex this way.
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Re: Can tJavaFlex output new rows?

Probably no, tJavaFlex cannot easily do that because this special feature needs the support of the main code generator and this feature is not enabled in tJavaFlex. The actual problem is you have to open a loop within the main part and you have no chance to close this loop for your self, thats because the main code generator has to do that for you and this requires a special configuration what this component does not have.
You could try do workaround this by using 2 tJavaFlex. At the point where your won loop has to be closed use the second tJavaFlex and close the loop within the main part.