Can't parse JSON correctly

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Can't parse JSON correctly

I'm trying to automate some APIs. So I started from Google analytics one (I know that Talend has  a component for it, I just want to educate myself so that I can then jump to Facebook etc)

Here is my Job:

Response from GA looks like this:



I specifically want to extract 'rows' part in columns.
I can successfully make it for the first object in the array:

But when I replace "$.rows[0][1]" to "$.rows[][1]"  to iterate, I get nulls.
Any help will be appreciated.

Also. How can I save the result of my REST request into the file? tFileJSONoutput  adds some weird body object and I can't read anything from the file after that. Can I save plain text into txt?


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Re: Can't parse JSON correctly

Anyone who knows JSON components well? I would really appreciate your help.

I'm using "jsonquerytool[dot]com" to validate my queries. And by using 

I'm able to extract all the first elements in rows array.

But how do I make it in Talend?
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Re: Can't parse JSON correctly

I've written a tutorial on working with Facebook using Talend (to get Spotify data in this case) and I cover an example of dealing with JSON. You can download the example jobs to try this out. It is reasonably complicated, but if you work through it I think you should be able to extrapolate from it to find your solution. The tutorial is here. The section on  getting data from a JSON String is titled "Extract data from JSON".
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Re: Can't parse JSON correctly

rhall_2.0 Thanks a lot! Definetly checking it out.

If anyone can help with my situaltion - That would be still good. How do I deal with array of arrays in Talend?
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Re: Can't parse JSON correctly

May it be connected with this issue:



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