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Can't import different version Talend jobs

         We have exported some talend jobs(build type = autonomous Job) using Talend open studio ver 5.4.1 and when we try to import using Talend open studio ver 5.6.X., We were not able to import. Instead, We were getting "version mismatch" error. 
Does new version of Talend open studio not support earlier version jobs? 
if it s, how should we have to import the earlier one? 
(note: We can't create same job again in newer version from scratch) 
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Re: Can't import different version Talend jobs

You can only transfer items between different Talend installations. Please export/import the Items and not the build jobs.
Right-Click on the node Job Design and Choose "Export Items" and in 5.6.1 choose Import Items.
What also work is open the studio 5.6.1 and choose Import Items and choose as folder the old workspace and the project folder (in capital letters). Actually the export of items does nothing special than copying the files from the workspace in to a separate folder/zip file.