Can't choose object name in tSalesforceOutput

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Can't choose object name in tSalesforceOutput



I have some issue using tSalesforceOutput component, i can't edit the object name.


I tried to select the object i wanted, in the list of objects and i tried to write the name checking the checkbox "Use custom name"


When i import a job where the names are already defined, i can't edit the field name.


Could you help me ?






I'm using talend 7.1.1_20181026_1147 on macOs Mojave


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Re: Can't choose object name in tSalesforceOutput

Are you able to enter the object name by yourself when you tick checkbox "Use custom name"?

If yes, is your connection defined usin context variables or not?

Can you share a capture of your tSalesforceOutput component?

What about other tSalesforce components?

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Re: Can't choose object name in tSalesforceOutput

Hi TRF, 


Thanks for you reply, i'm not to able to defined the object name by myself.


Yes my Salesforce connection is defined by context variables 


Here is my output component : Capture d’écran 2019-05-16 à 08.23.07.png


And here you have the connection


Capture d’écran 2019-05-16 à 08.33.07.png


Thanks for your help



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