Can Talend do this?

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Can Talend do this?

For many years I have been an enthusiastic amateur coder  and  never done a stitch of profession work. My coding now is back end for small organizations such as hiking club, parish or in this case- homeowners association using Php, MySql , Javascript .

I need to transfer the data from a Pascal generated csv file to the homeowners database. The trouble is many of the comma separated fields in the csv file are not atomic and contain multiple items of data. e.g.” HARPER MR D & MRS N “.

To get the job done a  snippet from a forum recommended “Spend three hours learning Talend “.

The three hours are now up and I downloaded Talend and have just finished “My First Talend Job” from “Talend by Example”. It is fun and I am enjoying it.

My question is : When I have completed learning about data integration will Talend be able to take the above field and break it down into its component parts i.e. name, title, initial  and also cope with some fields having only one person and not two and then put each data item in its relevant column?

I am prepared to spend several more hours learning Talend but not a whole week.

Any comments and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Can Talend do this?



You can manipulate csv to your database easily with talend.

You need to set a connection to database in the metadata.

After that you can do a simple job like :


tfileInputDelimited --> tmap --> t<database>Output


For the field in your CSV that have multiple words this is not a problem. If your csv has quote (like "field")  you can tick an option in you tfileinputdelimited.

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Re: Can Talend do this?

Many thanks for your input. I will learn  a bit more about Talend so I can actually do what you recommend.


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