Can I use a context variable or a global variable in a routine?


A globalMap variable or a context variable is not accessible from a routine, because the job class and the routine are two independent units. As a workaround, you can pass the value of a global variable or a context variable as a parameter to your routine. The following example code converts a string to all upper case:

package routines;
public class MyRoutineDemo {
public static String convertName(String parameter) {
String name=parameter.toUpperCase();
return name;


The following example code in a tJava component passes the value of the global variable myName to the routine:

globalMap.put("myName", "shong");
String name=MyRoutineDemo.convertName((String)globalMap.get("myName"));
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Adding to that we can also define in tMap by using globalMap.put and can be retrieved globalMap.get