Can I run different subjobs in parallel in a job?


Yes, you can run numerous subjobs in parallel within a main job.


For example, assume you build a Job as follows:



The Job contains three subjobs that are totally separated. No triggers such as On Subjob Ok link them.


To let these three subjobs run in parallel, you need to select the Multi thread execution box on the Extra tab of the Job view:



If you want this option to be selected by default each time a new job is created, select the Windows menu in the Studio, then click Preferences.


Expand the Talend node, then select the Multi Thread execution (Default value for job creation) checkbox.



Additional information specific to Talend subscription versions

If you hold a license for one of the subscription versions of a Talend software, additional tParallelize components are available to help you parallelize and synchronize the execution of subjobs in your main Job. The following example shows a Job using a tParallelize component:


In this example, Jobs job1 and job2 run in parallel, and job3 runs only when both job1 and job2 are complete.

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