Can I edit generated code directly?


No, this is not possible. You cannot directly edit the code generated for a Talend Job.

If you want to include your own Java code in a Job, use one of these methods:

  • Use a tJava, tJavaRow, or tJavaFlex component.
  • Create a routine by right-clicking Routines under Code in the Repository and then clicking Create routine.
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my question is about, i have a jar built in Talend (it generated by Talend job export ) and i want to convert it to the original Talend job, i want to see it Talend work space.
i have tried to de-compile it but it's don't give me the result, it give me a `JAVA class.`
so please help me how can i do that?it is possible?


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Hello Jubi 

Jar is the dependency libraries used in the job, the job script export from studio is an executable batch file rather than a jar file. Check your export file if it contains the job source files under items folder in the job script, if yes, you can import the job into studio again by importing these items, if no, it is impossible to import the job.