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Can I create a custom WAR structure with custom files?

For a current assignment I am required to generate a WAR file using Talend. I figured out all the inner workings of Talend and created the correct jobs, but the assignment requires me to include a directory with files into the WAR file.
I have searched the internet using Google and the Talend forum, but I haven't found any instructions on how to export a talend job to a WAR file that contains a custom directory with files it needs to run.
I figured that I could manually open the WAR file using an archiving application of choice, but I need to make varying iterations of the job and having to insert the files manually each time would be a chore.
Is there any way to export a job as a WAR with a custom directory with files included in it?
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Re: Can I create a custom WAR structure with custom files?

I don't know if there is a solution to your usecase usign only Talend Studio. But there is the possibility to write a script which will export your talend job and add folders/files to your war using a build tool/script language of your choice instead of using the export wizard of Talend Studio.
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Re: Can I create a custom WAR structure with custom files?

I too have a similar requirement of including a file in specific folder say temp when we export the job (not war file).
Presently, Talend contains a metadata for input file. But there is no way to embed that input file while exporting a job. I have an excel file which is dynamically updated when accessed. I want to include/embed that file during exporting the job inside specific folder.
Can we do this?
Regarding option given by rretzbach, i think that may be applicable only with enterprise edition and not OS.