Camel bindy data types (Marshalling & Unmarshaling)

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Camel bindy data types (Marshalling & Unmarshaling)

Camel provide a component for allow the parsing/binding of non-structured data (or to be more precise non-XML data)
to/from Java Beans that have binding mappings defined with annotations.
To work with camel-bindy, you must first define your model in a package (e.g. com.acme.model) and for each model class (e.g. Order, Client, Instrument, ...) add the required annotations (described hereafter) to the Class or field.
In my camel route i use this component witch unmarshal and marshal:
<camelContext xmlns="">
<jmxAgent id="agent" disabled="false" />
<from uri="file://src/data/csv/?noop=true" />
<unmarshal ref="bindyDataformat" />
<to uri="bean:csv" />
<to uri="activemq:queue:in" />
<from uri="activemq:queue:in" />
<marshal ref="bindyDataformat" />
<to uri="file://src/data/csv/out/" />

My question is: How i use this component or feature from talend.

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Re: Camel bindy data types (Marshalling & Unmarshaling)

Hi luix, I assume you have already solved this kind of scenarios..; a very clear and instructional example for those who are dealing with the same problem can be found at the following link: