Calling of User-defined routines ?????????????

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Calling of User-defined routines ?????????????


I was casually creating few User-defined Routines and i wanted to use the routine what i created.. it so happened that i am not able to call them.. or invoke.. is there any issue from my end.. or is there somethin i am missing .

I am also attaching few screenshots of the same... So pls refer them and pls do help.. 

Thanks in advance.

Tmap_settings and Routines_View.PNGTmap settings and User-Defined Routines ViewUser_defined_Routine.PNGFibonacci series routines...


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Re: Calling of User-defined routines ?????????????

You should be able to access this one using the following code in a tMap, tJava, tJavaFlex, etc.....


FYI you only need the semicolon if you are using it in a tJava, tJavaFlex or tJavaRow. everywhere else you can omit the semicolon.

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Re: Calling of User-defined routines ?????????????

hi @rhall_2_0,

I have a query... for calling user defined routines ...  should i compulsorily use tjava,or any other Custom Code Components.????

How do i call the same in tmap????

Because when i try calling routines in tmap.. i was able to see the initial version of the routine when i first created it...

Can you pls help me on this.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Calling of User-defined routines ?????????????

You can call routines practically anywhere. I can't tell you about everywhere, you will need to try it out. In a tMap you can use the code I demonstrated above in a tMap variable (the box in the middle) or in an output table. I am not sure I understand your problem here. If it is that the routines "help" isn't showing you what you expect, I think you might need to work round this by manually writing out your routine as i have shown in the post above.


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