Calling cloudera OOzie workflow in Talend

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Calling cloudera OOzie workflow in Talend

Hello All.
I am working on a project where I have to call a Oozie workflow in Talend and run it.
I was going through documents and I see an article on running a talend job in OOzie but not viceversa.
Please  let me know if there is a way calling the Oozie workflow in Talend, if yes please let me know how to do it.

Re: Calling cloudera OOzie workflow in Talend

Hi sai,
Are you looking for TalendHelpCenter: How to run a Job via Oozie? More information about your job description will be preferred.
Best regards
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Re: Calling cloudera OOzie workflow in Talend

Hi Sabrina,
I am calling a oozie work flow Talend but not able to save the job and run whenever needed.
Windoes>showview>Talend>Ooozieworkflow selecting this option allows me to enter the Oozie workflow details but it dont allow me to save the settings and run whenever needed and also include the job in any existing workflows.

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