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Calling Experian Quick Address System (QAS) as Web Service

Me again - last post of the day, honest!
I was wondering if anyone has used the Experian 'Quick Address System' to cleanse address data as part of a TOS ETL job?
The exposed QAS Web Service can take a UK property number / name and post code and return a full, validated UK postal address - very useful for cleaning up messy address data from an input source.
We have a QAS instance running locally and I'm looking at calling the exposed WS programatically, row by row, for my input source, passing input data as inputs into the Web Service and mapping each output row to a new table.
tWebServiceInput and the WSDL metadata component \ sources do not seem quite appropriate to this requirement as the WS inputs needs to be taken from source rows.
Is this possible? Has anyone done this already?
Any thoughts greatly appreciated!
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Re: Calling Experian Quick Address System (QAS) as Web Service

Integration into QAS is included when you buy Talend Integration Suite plus the data quality options. Optionally, you can upgrade to Talend Data Quality. In both cases QAS components will appear on the palette.
They work great, by the way.