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Call tRESTClient iteratively

I have a simple CSV-file with just 1 column and 5 rows and I would like to call a tRESTClient for each row (using the content of the row as query parameter)
So I built this:
tFileInputDelimited --main--> tFlowToIterate --iterate--> tIterateToFlow --main--> tLogRow
The log listed all 5 records of the file. Beautiful.
Then I built
tFileInputDelimited --main--> tFlowToIterate --iterate--> tIterateToFlow --main--> tRESTClient
And it also performed the REST call 5 times. But it only ever used the LAST row value (so it called the same query 5 times).
How can I make sure it actually iterates?
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Re: Call tRESTClient iteratively

Oh, I think I accidentally found the solution:
tFileInputDelimited --main(row1)--> tRESTClient
and then calling row1.<columnname> in the rest client
For some reason that worked...