Call multiple external webservices in ESB Job

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Call multiple external webservices in ESB Job

I am completely new to OpenStudio for ESB. I've been testing it, and following some tutorials. I've been able to create a job which calls an external webservice and show a modified response of this external WS. The job is something like this
When the job is deployed in runtime I can test it perfectly with soapUI.
Now, after calling the first webservice (ws1), I want to make the call of a second webservice (ws2) based on the same input of tEsbProviderRequest, and then take some variables of ws1Response and others from ws2Response, and then show this selected variables in tEsbProviderResponse, but I can't find the way on how to make the second call and even worse how to merge those two responses and make the final one.
I don't know if my description is clear enough
Thanks for your help
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Re: Call multiple external webservices in ESB Job

You can design the job as below:
father job:

Pass the request document to the child job, refer to this KB article to know how to pass a value from father job to child job.

child job:

tfxiedFlowInput_1 and tFixedFlowInput_2: get the document and pass it tESBConsumer for calling web service
tJavaRow_1&2, store the data extracted from the webservice response to context variable.
tFixedFlowInput_3: get all the data stored by tJavaRow components and pass them to father job. see KB article.
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