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Call another job from different project


Currently im in migrating project from previous ETL tools to Talend (with TAC).

I dont want to make major changes from what we did on previous tools.

On my previous tools, we have a lot of project which it have dependencies with another project,(like : EDW Project -> Datamart Project) ,we make it in different project to make it easier to maintain if error occured.

So, is it possible to design ETL job in talend in the same way?
or in talend have specific best practice to handle this requirements? 

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Re: Call another job from different project

Since you are using TAC, I assume you have shared repositories either SVN or Git  to store the Talend metadata where each project has its own URL.


By using tRunJob , we can refer only jobs within project. 


We can't cross refer the jobs across multiple projects in Studio. 


But we can schedule jobs from different projects in same execution plan in TAC. 



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Re: Call another job from different project

Take a look at the Talend Metaservlet API. I assume you are using the Enterprise Edition. You can create tasks, deploy tasks, start tasks, etc, etc, using the MetaServlet and it does not matter which project the jobs come from.

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Re: Call another job from different project

If you are using enterprise edition ,then you can do,since your jobs store in same community edition is not accessable the same.

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