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Call Joblet inside tLoop component

Hi Dears,


Why i can't link an "iterator" from tLoop in my personalized Joblet?

I've a JobMain (my parent Job). Into my JobMain i have:

tLoop (it loops from 1 to 10) ---> iterator ---> Joblet (child job)


I can't link both, iterator and Joblet call.


There is any solution to do it?





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Re: Call Joblet inside tLoop component

There is a trick to this. Use a "Trigger_Input" in the Joblet. Connect the "Trigger_Input" to whatever component you need to start the process using an OnComponentOK link. The connect your tLoop to a tJava (use it as a dummy component). Then link the tJava to the Joblet using an OnComponentOK link. This should work for you.

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