CSV file with random Column position

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CSV file with random Column position



I want to read a CSV file from shared drive and process the columns in the file.


Name of the columns in the file are same but position on the column is getting changed.



File1 has columns as "Username","Model","Drive",

File2 can have "Username","Drive", "Model"


I want to read the corresponding column and process the data.


Could you please let me know how can i handle this situation.



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Re: CSV file with random Column position

I have written a tutorial on precisely this here....


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Re: CSV file with random Column position

Yes, it great tutorial!

and I was happy to read it when it was written


the only one problem - it really work with only few columns, than start will be more and more complicated (just because a lot of information on screen and a lot of coding)


The more universal solutions:

- pack this logic in java routine which loop over any number of columns. Like parse header and sort columns in all other rows by etalon schema (see p.3)

- convert csv to json, again by routine or by any of command line tools, then parse JSON and not worry about order (I use this)

- and final - the best news :-). All what explained in p.1 - already do the great component from Jan Lolling -  tFileInputTextFlat on one of project I extract  with this component  - more than hundreds columns for KPI from source file with 2000+ columns , work perfect!





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