CI Builder /CommandLine - What is remote mode for?

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CI Builder /CommandLine - What is remote mode for?

I was wondering what exactly was the purpose of remote mode? 


The intended setup/workflow is as follows:

  1. Check a job XML into git
  2. CI server that uses the git hook to trigger a job generation on a remote server.
  3. Remote server builds xml into java classes

So server 1 will have Jenkins & Nexus (with the CI Builder) and use the CI builder to trigger a build on Server 2.

Server 2 will have a Talend CommandLine instance running in server mode.


First of all is this possible and is this what the remote generate is actually for?

Secondly, how is the transfer of files (xml job specifications) from Server 1 to Server 2 handled?


Many thanks in advance!



Re: CI Builder /CommandLine - What is remote mode for?


Could you please have a look at this online document about:TalendHelpCenter: Software Development Life Cycle?

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Re: CI Builder /CommandLine - What is remote mode for?

Thanks @xdshi I have read through that previously and just gave it another quick read but It isn't specific to the question i was asking, It never goes into what remote mode actually does. 


I'm wondering if the CommandLine tool and the ci builder have to be colocated on the same server or can they be separate?


If they can be seperate, are the files transferred from the CI builder server (Jenkins for example) to the CommandLine server automatically, or is that something that has to be done manually? Or does the CommandLine server use git to get the projects?


I have read quite a lot of documentation and community guides but still haven't found anything.

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Re: CI Builder /CommandLine - What is remote mode for?

@xdsh is there any where i can find this out? specifically if the CI builder and commandline server need to be located on the same server?

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