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CDATA, how to retrieve xml???

I am new to Talend and I have been struggling with a response message where the entire xml message has been wrapped by a CDATA tag.
Is there a component in Talend that I can use or do I need to write some java to get down to the xml tags within the message??
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Re: CDATA, how to retrieve xml???

Please see a related forum
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Re: CDATA, how to retrieve xml???

Thanks Sabrina, I've already looked at the post you are referring to and tried using tFileInputRegex but was unsuccessful.
Because my response message I'm receiving is wrapped entirely by CDATA, I'm not sure what is the best output method.
Schema for the response message is defined as one large string.  If I set my output as XML, I'm getting some extra lines added (xml version, root, row).
If I set my output to CSV, the data looks more useable, but I don't know how to have this data behave more like xml.
I've attached the two output files for comparison.