Bulk Load to Oracle (XML input instead of CSV)

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Bulk Load to Oracle (XML input instead of CSV)

I would like to bulk load data from XML to an oracle table
in XML I have some thing like:
<call timestamp='11111111111111111111' from='0101020304' to ''0101020304' duration ='200' cost='10'>
<call timestamp='11111111111111111112' from='0101020304' to ''0101020304' duration ='300' cost='20'>
<call timestamp='11111111111111111113' from='0101020304' to ''0101020304' duration ='250' cost='150'>
<call timestamp='11111111111111111114' from='0101020304' to ''0101020304' duration ='200' cost='0'>
<call timestamp='11111111111111111115' from='0101020304' to ''0101020304' duration ='100' cost='10'>

the structure of Oracle table :
TABLE NAME= CALLS with the following columns: timestamp, from, to, duration, cost.

Is is possible to use tOracleBulkExec to load directly from XML (using another .ctl)?
I don't want to convert the XML to csv before using the tOracleBulkExec module. because the format of XML will be changed to load data to more than one Table.

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Re: Bulk Load to Oracle (XML input instead of CSV)

tOracleBulkExec is implemented using SQL*Loader which seems to be limited in its XML processing to inserting an XML Clob into a column. If you add a column, 'call_xml' that is of type XMLType then you could use tOracleBulkExec or at least SQL Loader.