Build-in vs Repository

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Build-in vs Repository


I am having an ongoing issue that is driving me mad, so hoping someone can advise.

I am building jobs on a mac using 7.1 and then exporting everything with all meta and context to a windows server for our testers to pick up and work with.

We are using context variables for setting all the necessary environment variables for each of our projects - dev/test/uat/prod - so when we shift a job from my local dev instance to the server and then set all the default contexts to the test set all works fine.  If I then pull down the job from the server and just update the jobs (not the contexts or connections) in my local mac instance, when opening it sets the connections to built-in rather than repository.  Nothing has changed other than the context set being used so can't understand why it wouldn't just update from Repository.

I've added a few screen shots to explain...

1) Prompt when opening the job showing which connections and contexts its setting or updating

2) View of my local project with the meta and connections

3) View of the connection meta within the zip file I'm importing which therefore confirms what is used within the job


Now if I import everything and overwrite what I have locally (jobs, contexts, connections) then I don't get prompted.


Hopefully someone can help!




If I omp 

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