Bug with tAssert in 6.4.0 Studio

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Bug with tAssert in 6.4.0 Studio



I used Talend to "Create Test Case" from a DI job and wanted to amend the tAsserts to check number of lines from a component rather than using the default behaviour of file comparisons.


I do this my changing the tAssert expression to 







I get a compilation error 


 "operator ! undefined for the argument types integer"


looking at the code I can see that Talend has rewritten this to 


if (!((Integer) globalMap.get("tRowGenerator_1_NB_LINE")) > 100) {

with the "!" in the wrong place.


When I try creating a tAssert in a normal non TestCase job, it all works fine and I can see the code is written as


if (((Integer) globalMap.get("tRowGenerator_1_NB_LINE")) > 100) {


which work as it doesn't have a "!" in the wrong place?


This seems to be a bug? 


I did fix by changing my expression to include outer brackets


(  ((Integer)globalMap.get("tMysqlOutput_1_NB_LINE_INSERTED"))>100  )

but the help at https://help.talend.com/reader/jomWd_GKqAmTZviwG_oxHQ/bGMEXg5CMwvdt8hxpsFzbw doesn't say to do this and I spent a good few hours on this.









Re: Bug with tAssert in 6.4.0 Studio


Thanks for posting your issue here.

Have you tried to use V 7.0.1 to see if this kind of compilation error still repro?

Best regards


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