Bug tMap TOS DI 7.0.1

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Bug tMap TOS DI 7.0.1

Hi team,

I'm using TOS DI 7.0.1 and when I set the path to store on disk in a tMap component, in the execution Talend is not creating the temp files and gets an Out of Memory Error. Is there someone experimenting the same problem?


Thank you

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Re: Bug tMap TOS DI 7.0.1


Could you please show us the error full stack trace? Have you tried to allocate more memory to the active job to see if this issue still repro?

You can open the Job to which you want to allocate more memory.

  • In the Run view, open the Advanced Settings tab and select the Use specific JVM arguments box.
  • Allocate more memory to the active Job by double-clicking the default JVM arguments and editing them.

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