Bridge table with Talend

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Bridge table with Talend

Hello, I am new to Talend and I have a question.

I am working on a MySQL database. I have 2 different schemas: The first is my OLTP and the second is my data warehouse.

In my project we need to built  ETL process for the data be batch into the data warehouse tables.

Since we have fact table that relates to more than one record in a dimension table (many-to-many)

we created bridge table, so i need to feed the bridge table.


the OLTP table is groups_in_sessions:


 seesion_id |group_id |   
  1         | 30      |   
  2         | 26      |
  1         | 34      | 
4 | 11 |
2 | 11 |
5 | 30 |
5 | 34 |
6 | 34 |


I created in my dwh a bridge table - br_collection_dim, and also group_dim ( for other use case )


So the br_collection_dim in this case will be:


 collection_id  |group_id |   
  1             | 30      |   
  1             | 34      |
  2             | 11      | 
2 | 26 |
3 | 11 |
4 | 34 |

Note that every session may contain more than 2 groups, and 2 groups could take place in more than one session, but only one collection will be created for them.



So my question is how do I populate the bridge table with data using Talend? I know it might be a big question, but I even don't have any idea from where to start the process.


I hope you'll understand what I'm trying to do!





Re: Bridge table with Talend


If we understand your question very well, please have a look at tMap component. It transforms and routes data from single or multiple sources to single or multiple destinations.

Here are online documents about:TalendHelpCenter:tMap, TalendHelpCenter:Configuring the transformation in tMap

Let us know if it is what you are looking for.

Best regards



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