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Boolean aggregation?

Is there any way to use tAggregateRow or a similar component to manipulate boolean data?
For example, I've got a job that produces a row with three columns: filename (String), test_id (String), test_result (Boolean).
I would like to know for each filename, if there any true test_result to reject the file.
At first, I wanted to use this:
tFilterColumns (keeping filename and test_result columns) -- row --> tAggregateRow (max or sum or whatever on the test_result column using filename as key)
But it seems that tAggregateRow doesn't manipulate Boolean despite this note I found (
Any other component for that or do I have to convert Boolean type to Integer?

Re: Boolean aggregation?

Have you tried to use tMap component with expression? What's your input source?
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Re: Boolean aggregation?

I'm not sure to understand what you mean by "use tMap component with expression"? I already have tMap in the full job, but I don't see how they could help me here?
Here is an example of data:
input :
 filename | test_id | test_result
a.csv | TEST1 | false
a.csv | TEST2 | false
a.csv | TEST3 | false
b.csv | TEST1 | false
b.csv | TEST2 | true
b.csv | TEST3 | false
c.csv | TEST1 | true
c.csv | TEST2 | true

output (test_result is an "OR" between all test_result values for a specific file) :
 filename | test_result
a.csv | false
b.csv | true
c.csv | true

If I replace the Boolean values with Integer (true = 1 / false = 0), I can use a tAggregateRow with a max(test_result) and filename as key.