Blob data Insertion

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Blob data Insertion



I am using Talend DI 6.3.0 tool for data migration from oracle 12c to oracle 12C databases.


Blob field contains binary data.



I have tried  & tested by  mapping ,Blob as type Object (or byte[] ) in source and destination database, (As it answered in one of your forum)

But Its failing whenever I am migrating blob related columns. Getting  following error:

ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected CHAR got BLOB.



FYI, I am using tOracleInput and tOracleOutput component.


Please revert.


Thanks in advance.







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Re: Blob data Insertion

Hi @sangram111, I suspect that this post ( may help you out. It is from a while ago, but I believe it is still relevant. Keep in mind that this is related to an image stored as a blob. The solution should be able to be extrapolated from.