BigQuery and Talend Open Studio for Data Integration ?

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BigQuery and Talend Open Studio for Data Integration ?

I wonder why BigQuery is not included as a connector in the "Data Integration" products but only in the "Big Data" products?
I don't understand why a DB like Amazon RedShift is included in the "Data Integration" solution but not "Google BigQuery".
To me DBs like Google BigQuery and Amazon RedShift are more like usual DBs (like Oracle, MySql, ...) even though they are very different internally. They are different than systems like Hadoop where you need some more orchestration and other stuff.
Also, if I take the tBigQueryInput component folder from the "Talend Open Studio for Big Data" and import it in "Talend Open Studio for Data Integration" (by going in Preferences/Talend/Components) then the tBigQueryInput component works in the "Data Integration" product. I know this is probably not officially supported, but is that something "correct" to do ?
Any thoughts on this?

Re: BigQuery and Talend Open Studio for Data Integration ?

BigQuery components are BigData components within Talend because Bigquery is a google project to query huge data.

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