BigDecimal - precision Non-matches

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BigDecimal - precision Non-matches

I am getting precision Non-matches error when trying to convert String to BigDecimal or writing BigDecimal column to Same data type


Here is job Design

tFileInput --> tMap  --> tSchemaComplianceCheck --> Oracle Output


Lets take an example - Column1 is number column with (30,5) in Table and when I import the  schema in Talend -- it is imported as BigDecimal (30,5) I am converting source String column to BigDecimal in tMap ...if precision column has value then it is failing ...when I make precision column blank then it is working fine...could you please help me in understanding why making precision column blank is working?

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Re: BigDecimal - precision Non-matches

Hi Goyal,


How are you converting the string to BigDecimal?


Let's say I have a field AMOUNT field from source as string.


I should convert as below in tMap.


new BigDecimal(row1.AMOUNT)


Can you please post some sample data from source here to help you better way





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