Big data streaming using Spark in Talend

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Big data streaming using Spark in Talend

Hi Guys,
We have been tasked to see if Talend Data fabric 6.1.1 could process streaming data. We have followed the sample job from the documentation(see below image).
We tried to use the Spark implementation in achieving this but so far we have been encountering 'Association Errors'. Somebody on our team advised us that the Spark implementation on Talend 6.1.1 is a lot buggy and would not work. 
We have been wondering if what Talend Data Fabric version works well with the Spark implementation? Can you also help us to get helpful references on how to establish Spark connection in Talend? Since we are also fairly new in our implementation.


Re: Big data streaming using Spark in Talend

What does your whole spark implementation look like? For your Talend Data fabric 6.1.1, have you already reported a ticket on talend support portal? In this way, we can give you a remote assistance on the issue you are facing through support cycle with priority.
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