Best practice to setup database connections

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Best practice to setup database connections

We use Context variable and metadata connections in our projects (Talend 5.2 Enterprise) for DEV,QA and PROD environments, when there is a change in database passwords, it becomes a big pain for us to change it in each job/joblet, save and regenerate code and deploy.
Wondering whats the best practice to manege database connections ? so we don't have to update passwords in each job.

Re: Best practice to setup database connections

Have you checked "Implicit tContextLoad" option in Extra tab of job view(Project Setting)? It allows you to set Value in file or DB table so that you can change your password in file or DB table directly without do operation in each job/joblet.
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Re: Best practice to setup database connections

Yep, I was leaning towards this option, also we did raise a bug which this component uses 'Key' filed which is a generic keyword in SQL server, but we got the work around for that, Do you have any link/document available on how to implement it ? How do we need to use these context from job, same like QA,DEV PROD context and use variables ? how do we populate context variables from the database ?
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Re: Best practice to setup database connections

The implicit context load loads the values and fills the context vars. With the query condition you could separate DEV, QA and PROD values in your table. The condition it self could be parametrized by also a context var which can be set via a commandline parameter.
Mostly we have for every layer (DEV, QA etc) a separate project and in this project the settings are special for the layer.
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Re: Best practice to setup database connections

Thanks, We do not have separate projects for DEV, QA and PROD environments. We use Trunk,branch,tag.
do you feel i can still use same query to pull values from database and then load context variables accordingly ? (i.e Context_Dev, Context_QA,Context_PROD)
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Re: Best practice to setup database connections

Hello Ratneshsing,
I have understood your point but I am unable to get meaning of " We use Trunk,branch,tag " from your last post.
Can you please explain this point.
Thanks & Regards
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Re: Best practice to setup database connections

Well Instead of having three separate projects for DEV,QA and PROD we use one project. because its a cumbersome process to export from DEV and import in QA project.
So we use Trunk/Branch and Tag which is part of Subversion SVN to split Dev, QA and Prod Projects.
Since we use one project wondering how can i split context variables based on environments.

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