Best Practice for Extraction from Couchbase

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Best Practice for Extraction from Couchbase

I new to Talend and going through the setup and configuration. I am going the opposite way most people are moving data in the examples. I am extracting data from Couchbase and putting it in to Mysql for a operational data store for reporting. Currently, I have created a view in Couchbase and I am able to extract the data I want to a "log file" in table format. Furthermore, I can extract data from a text file and put it in Mysql. But have not extracted from Couchbase and inserted into Mysql. I had some questions on how to do that. It seems that when Talend extracts data from Couchbase it returns a "id", "key", "value" and "Json" fields. The "Value" field has my view data strung together in one string field, and also the "Json" field has the fields and data as well, even though I didn't ask for them. So I have a couple of questions.
1. What is the best practice to parse out the fields of the "value" field?
2. Should I parse out fields from the "Value" field or is there a better way that will give me individual fields without all that work?
3. How does Talend figure the delta of the data coming from Couchbase on a ongoing basis?
4. Is there documentation that someone can point me to that will help with these questions?
Thank you
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Re: Best Practice for Extraction from Couchbase

H David
Use a tExtractJsonField component to exact the fields from the value string, about tExtractJsonField component, please refer to the user manual:
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