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Beginner Question to using Java in Talend ETL

Hello @ all,
First i´m an absolut beginner with talend ETL. I hope that i´m in the right area of the forum.
My Problem is, that i have a String in an table and want to acces this with java code. 
But I don´t find anything working for getting at the content of the table.
My table has the following schema:
Token String Not Null
Furthermore there is just one record in it.
So how can i get the content of this record?
Thanks for your answers.
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Re: Beginner Question to using Java in Talend ETL

As soon as you need to access tables, you need to use the component dedicated to the database your are using (tMysqlInput, tOracleInput and so on).
Define the connection (in the component or outside if you need to reuse it), indicate the table name, the schema (let say the Java structure for the result) and the query and that's all.
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Re: Beginner Question to using Java in Talend ETL

Thanks for reply,
But maybee i have to describe my problem one step forward. I´m trying to connect a RESTfull API. From this I get an XML Document where a token and other informations are included. I want to get the token without anything else.
I worked on the problem and now i need just one step to solve it. I have save the token in an .txt file. Now i need to use this file as as variable in the RESTClient. But everytime i use the datapath with uderscores, ETL can´t find it. The path looks like:
C:/Users/All Users/ServiceReports/.. 
how can i use this vairable?
Thanks for helping.