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Batch processing in talend data integration

  Please let me know how to run multiple jobs at a time in talend data integration.
 Can we create a batch process and run..If yes, then how to create a batch process.
Prudhvi raju
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Re: Batch processing in talend data integration

It depends on the license you have. If you have a enterprise license, the tool to run jobs or whole processes (called execution plans) is the Talend Administration Center. The advantage here is the centralised configuration and deployment and also the possibility to use multiple job servers to enable failover and load balancing.
If you have simply a Open Studio in this case you can chain your jobs with a main job containing all jobs of the chain as tRunJob components and deploy this as one Java program.
You can start this program with the already provided batch scripts or shell scripts.
Another way is using an external job scheduler like JobScheduler from SOS Berlin. Here you can run the Talend jobs as simple external programs. You can also decide where the actual chain is defined: in the main job or in the job scheduler (in this case you have to deploy all detail jobs to the scheduler).