Batch execution does not receive a response

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Batch execution does not receive a response

I have a Job scheduled on a windows machine that execute every day at the same time.

This job simply use a tRestClient Component to execute a stored procedure on my oracle db through the connection to the Application Express.

The procedure is beign executed correctly and everything works properly, the issue is that as the procedure takes some minutes to execute, the talend job lose the control on the execution and the batch that is beign executed is not closing. 

So in general the execution of the batch is not stopped... How can I solve this issue? I have already tried to set the timeout of the tRestClient component but it does not work.

Thank you in advance for your help. 


Re: Batch execution does not receive a response



     There seems to be multiple issues in this flow. You are specifying that your job executes at a specific time everyday. So it is a batch job. In a batch job, could you please advise why you are using a tRestClient to call a Oracle stored procedure?


     Have you tried to integrate the stored procedure with the Talend components directly? Now if the stored procedure is a part of a standard packaged application, then we will have to see why the procedure is taking so long time. What is the normal expected time of completion and it is supposed to run for several minutes?


     If you could share the screenshots of the jobs, it would be easier to analyse the flow and issue. Please also share the component screenshot of the problematic component (where you are making the call to procedure).


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Nikhil Thampi


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