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Base64 Encoding of a zip file

I need to be able to encode a zip file and pass that as a string to a web service call.
The file will be generated as part of data processing that is working as expected. For next step the file needs to be passed as an encoded string for a web service call.
Need help with the steps to follow to be able to encode the zip file and pass that to the web service call all in one Job.
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Re: Base64 Encoding of a zip file

Take a look at this related topic, let me know if you still have troubles. 
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Re: Base64 Encoding of a zip file

Hi Shong,
I have gone through the topic.
For now I have created a stand alone job to get the encrypted text  and following is the flow.
tFixedFlowInput -> tJavaRow ->  tLogRow
Am passing the file name along with location as a fixed string in the tFixedFlowInput component. ex c:\ETL\
In tJavaRow I have the following code:        String s = new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode(input.FileName);
                                                            output.FileName = s;
** Filename is the field name in the schema
On running the job , I am not getting any error but the system is not giving any output either for the encrypted output string.