BLOB object to Salesforce

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BLOB object to Salesforce

Hi All,
We have data in BLOB datatype in our oracle Source table. We need to send this data to Salesforce String/Base64 Column. 
Can anyone let us know how this functionality can be achieved using talend?
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Re: BLOB object to Salesforce

You will need to convert from oracle.sql.BLOB to a String. Retrieve the column as an Object. Cast the Object to a oracle.sql.BLOB. 
I *think* something like this will work. Please keep in mind that this is not tested and from memory of doing it a while ago....

byte[] byteArray = blobColumn.getBytes(1,blobColumn.length());
String returnVal = new String(byteArray);

You will probably have to play with that a little to get it to work. f your blobs are massive that will also need changing to
handle memory issues.