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BD to BD migration component


Its possible to migrate more than a single table in a single step with some component component or another? Im looking for something that let me copy all the tables of an Microsoft SQL Server DB to another, entire BD to another DB 


Thanks In Advance.

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Re: BD to BD migration component

Go for migration tool from the DB-Vendor, MSSQL Migration assistant ...
Technically its possible with Talend but if you are copying many tables... go for the assistant and dont get frustrated by performance issues...
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Re: BD to BD migration component

Dear Djke

I had prove the MSSQL Wizard but the problem is that whit it is necesary to migrate version by version first version 2000 to 2005 next to 2008 next to 2012 and finally to 2017. For this reasons and for not are linked with the provider I need to make it with Talend.