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Automatical update of external Jar file

Currently we have multiple Talend processes and Camel routes, which use different external Jar files,which are results from our CI environment. We don't want to update these jar every time manually, after a success CI build, but we want, that these jar are replaced automatically in our Talend project.
Is one or more of following solutions possible:
- Update by Archiva: could we reuse archiva to provide external dependencies to the Talend projects / Archiva replace the external jar dependencies?
- Is a component present, which loads on execution time the jar files from a defined file place ? does this also work in the osgi container?
- Could we update a Routine item with a external lib/jar with talend commandline API ? So that we only need to refresh the studio, after the commandline API re-imports the new dummy-Routine with the external Jar?
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Re: Automatical update of external Jar file

In talend, there are two ways for you to export the external jar files:
1)Using tLibraryload component to load the jar file at the beginning of job. for example:
tJava(on tJava, use the external API)
2)Creating custom routine, import the external jar file by clicking on the routine name and editing the routine libraries, and then call this routine in the job.

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Re: Automatical update of external Jar file

Thank you for your answer, but these solutions are always manually. WIth these solutions, i have to check and update the Talend processes, if a new version of my external jar file is present.
BUT i want to update the external Jar file automatically in the Talend processes. So, this update could be done by the CI system by using the command line api. If the external java developer build a new version, than the commandline Api could be used to automatically update the talend processes?
Is there any other "Talend Best Practise" possibilty?
What is with archiva? Talend Studio updates could be provided by a external Archiva server. Is it possible to use the Talend Archiva as provider for external dependencies ?

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