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Autocommit in tMysqlConnection

I have designed one job where data is inserted in parent and child tables and I have used tMysqlcommit component to commit the records at a time. So while processing, it is taking huge time to commit as I have crores records and in between if I get any exception whole time getting wasted. So can I use Autocommit option in tMysqlConnection component to commit every single transaction or shall I create connection in tMysqlOutput separately for each table instead of using existing connection to process the data fastly? Can you please help me to resolve it?
One more thing is if we create connection in tMysqlOutput for each table instead of using existing connection, Do id's whatever inserting in parent and child maintain correctly?

Re: Autocommit in tMysqlConnection

Hi sabitha566,
Could you please post your current job design screenshots into forum which will be helpful for us to understand your problem?
Best regards
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